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Having problems with your workers' compensation process? We can help!



Many of us familiar with WC recognize it is an often abused, complex, imperfect, and sometimes a poorly managed in-house process.  Companies spend hundreds-of-thousands of dollars a year on premiums, and each year, that cost continues to rise.  Answer the following questions: 

  •  Are all of your workers' compensation claims litigated? 
  • Who is managing the process – the insurance company or Human Resources? 
  • Are your premiums increasing annually? 

If the answers to these questions are not to your satisfaction,  then it is time to make procedural changes.  We can help.  We will review your existing practices to determine where changes can be made and provide recommendations on areas to improve.  

We offer proven techniques that will aid in effectively managing your workers' compensation process with the intent of lowering your experience modification rate and premiums.  Our methods have been viewed favorably by brokers, workers' compensation insurance representatives, medical directors, claims adjusters and others.  

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Be on the look out for Mary's soon to be published book titled:  "The Gold Standard, 9 Steps to Effectively Managing Your Workers' Compensation Process."     These are methods Mary implemented throughout her career and as a consultant, and have found they had incredible results.  


More to come.  Stay tuned.   

Disclaimer:  Workers' Compensation results will vary.  Results are based on the company's commitment level for success.